Corneal Products and Equipment

Keeping the cornea, the transparent front part of the eye, healthy is a key component in maintaining good vision. In attempt to keep the cornea healthy and clear, numerous ophthalmic products and equipment are being manufactured and advertised daily. These include diagnostic tools such as corneal topographers, pachymeters and microscopes that help view and measure abnormalities of the cornea. Dry eye treatment also deals with the cornea and there are several products to help with this problem. Punctal plugs, bandage contact lenses and artificial tears all can help make a patient with extreme dry eye more comfortable. Keratoplasty, or plastic surgery of the cornea is necessary when a patient needs to replace their cornea because of infection or disease. Various products and tools are necessary for this type of surgery. When purchasing corneal products or equipment, be sure to choose a reputable vendor who manufactures and sells high quality products. Inquire as well to the amount of service necessary for corneal equipment before purchasing to get a better idea of overall cost and maintainance.