Collagen Punctum (Punctal) Plug

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Temporary Collagen Plugs

Temporary Collagen Plugs

FCI Ophthalmics Inc.

  • Description: Diagnose dry eye, assess the effectiveness of permanent punctal occlusion, collagen - dissolvable in 3-5 days, all are 2 mm long. Sterile
  • Pack: 6 plugs per packet/4 packets of each size per box
  • Size (mm): Inquire
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  • Description: Inserted into the punctal opening to block tear drainage through the canaliculus, collagen plugs provide temporary relief of dry eye symptoms:
    • Manufactured from precisely measured premium collagen
    • Used as a diagnostic assessment for permanent punctal occlusion
  • Pack: 6 plugs per card / 10 cards per box
  • Size (mm): 0.2, 0.3, and 0.4 mm, in 2.0mm lengths
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Temporary Collagen Implants

Temporary Collagen Implants

Odyssey Medical

  • Description: Odyssey’s Temporary Collagen Implants can help determine if punctal occlusion is right for the patient. These comfortable, economical implants have the following features:
    • Swell 2-3 times their size upon insertion
    • Dissolves within 7-10 days
    • Size availability
  • Pack: 60 implants per box (10 packs of 6 implants each)
  • Size (mm): 0.2mm x 2.0mm
    0.3mm x 2.0mm
    0.4mm x 2.0mm
    Variety Pack
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