Scheimpflug Imaging / Photography Equipment (Shceimpflug Camera)

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OCULUS Pentacam® HR


  • Features:
    • High resolution cross sectional images of the anterior segment
    • Axial and tangential topography maps
    • Total corneal refractive power
    • Pachymetry maps
    • Anterior and posterior corneal elevation maps
    • Zernike corneal wavefront analysis
    • Anterior chamber angle measurement
    • Anterior chamber depth and volume measurements
    • 3D Lens Densitometry and Pentacam Nucleus Staging (automatic classification of lens opacity)
    • Corneal Optical Densitometry for assessing and quantifying corneal opacification
    • Fast Screening Report to quickly identifying abnormalities found in common pathologies
    • Cataract Pre-op Display for premium IOLs
    • Holladay Report with equivilent K readings
    • Keratoconus detection and staging
    • Belin/Ambrosio Enhanced Ectasia
    • Contact Lens Fitting with simulated fluorescein image
    • Various comparison displays including Compare 2 Scheimpflug
    • Network ready - Up to 50 workstations included
      Optional Features:
    • PIOL Fitting Software
    • DICOM Interface
  • Interface: USB, DICOM compatible
  • Display: The Pentacam® HR is a high-resolution rotating Scheimpflug camera system for anterior segment analysis. It provides crisp images of cornea, iris and crystalline lens. It measures the anterior and posterior corneal topography and elevation, total corneal refractive power, corneal power distribution, automatic chamber angle measurement in 360°, chamber depth and volume, HWTW, corneal and crystalline lens optical opacities. Standard Software: Belin/Ambrosio Enhanced Ecstasia, Holladay Report, Contact Lens Fitting, Cataract package and Refractive Package.
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  • Features:
    • Dual Scheimpflug Imaging
    • Merging of Placido and Scheimpflug Data
    • Near/Far adjustable Fixation Target
    • Eye Motion Correction
  • Interface: System PC, flat screen, and instrument table
  • Display: Flat screen monitor
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