Autorefractor Keratometer (Auto Ref Keratometer)

Common vision problems such as myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness) are the result of refractive error. Autorefractors are used to measure the degree of refractive error in the eye, and are suited well toward applications such as differentiating corneal from lenticular aberrations, and assessing pre-and-post refractive surgery patients. The patient focuses their vision on a fixation target such as a hot-air balloon floating over land. Like many ophthalmology instruments, they have spherical and cylindrical measurement ranges of -30 to +25D/±10D respectively. As the line between autorefractor and keratometer is often blurred, the customer should be aware of systems that have separate measurement ranges for autorefraction and keratometry.
ItemM3 Automatic Refractor / Automatic Keratometer / Non-contact TonometerARK-1 Series Autorefractor/Keratometer
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DescriptionMarco proudly introduces the newly redesigned M3. The new M3 offers the same space and time saving features as well as the dependability of the original M3, because it is 3 instruments in one, the only one of its kind.

The newly designed M3 presents

Marco and Nidek are proud and excited to announce the newest autorefractor/autokeratometer available. The ARK-1s measures objective spherical, cylindrical refractive errors and cylinder axis from the refractive status of the patient's eye. In
FeaturesWorld's First Combination Model
  • Automatic Refraction
  • Automatic Keratometry
  • Non-Contact Tonometry
  • Space Saving
  • Time Saving
  • High-Speed Measurements
  • Accurate Data
  • EyeTracking System
  • Auto Measure
  • Adjustable Monitor
  • Motorized Chinrest
  • Softer Air Puff
  • Tiltable LCD
  • Alignment Indicators
  • Easy Load Paper
  • Automatically Cuts
  • Printer Paper
  • Motorized Chinrest
  • One-Touch Lock
  • IC Card Reader
  • Multiple USB Ports
Weight (kg)Inquire20 kg
44.1 lbs.
Dimension (inches)10.23"(W) x 18.93"(D) x 19.9"(H)Inquire
Measurable RangeAuto Refractor/Keratometer:
Sphere –30.00D to +25.00D (V.D.=12mm), (0.01/0.12/0.25D increments)
Cylinder 0D to ±12D (0.01/0.12/0.25D increments)
Axis 0° to 180° (1°/5° increments)

Non-Contact Tonometer: 1mmHg to 60mmHg
Pupil Diameter2mmInquire
Corneal Diameter8.1mm–14.6mm (indication increments: 0.1mm)Inquire
Power (V)AC100-240 V±10%Inquire
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