activEHR Eye Care Software Solution

Alistair Jackson M.Ed., from EMRlogic in partnership with Kowa Optimed, discusses the features of activEHR™. activEHR is a fully integrated eye care software solution that drives flawless consistency for both patient workflow and patient care.

Alistair Jackson M.Ed.
VP Software Sales

activEHR Eye Care Software Solution

Mr. Alistair Jackson:  Hi, my name is Alistair Jackson from EMRlogic in partnership with Kowa Optimed.

There's been a lot of talk in the industry about healthcare reform.  One of the things we haven't talked about very much is what's in it for the doctor?  As a practice owner, what's in it for me?

Long-term survivability in this changing economy and the rapidly changing healthcare industry is all about optimization, and we've focused, in building our platform for the future, in optimizing the doctor's time, the staff time, building best practices into the software, baking them in so that it helps you to drive consistency of those best practices, both from a patient flow perspective, and also from a clinical decision making perspective.

The platform for the future is a knowledge base-driven EHR that does not require the doctor to be a data entry clerk.  We're pulling from an active knowledge base, a growing inventory of eye care best practices.

And have a look at this.  We start with a blank page because we haven't done anything yet.  And now, we, with a single click, document the exam with a normal case, normal standing out in black text. 

And now, here's the rule; because it's all hyperlinked, if you want to change something, click on it.  To change the lens, make your selection, go back, and the black normal case has now been replaced with a positive finding in blue text. 

Touch-and-go hyperlinks moving information, not data, information at the point of care, makes the difference between a traditional EMR and a platform for the future EHR.

I'm Alistair Jackson from EMRlogic in partnership with Kowa Optimed.  Thank you for your time and interest.

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