Scheimpflug Imaging / Photography Equipment (Shceimpflug Camera)

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  • Features:
    • Overview of all Scheimpflug images
    • Topography (anterior & posterior corneal surface)
    • Pachymetry maps, absolute and relative
    • Elevation maps (anterior & posterior corneal surface)
    • 3D Anterior chamber analysis
    • Anterior segment tomography
    • General overview display
    • Keratoconus detection and classification
    • 4 Maps Refractive
    • Comparative and differential analysis of 2 exams
    • Comparison and super imposition of Scheimpflug images
    • Indices Report
      Optional Software:
    • Belin-Ambrosio Enhanced Ectasia Software
    • Holladay Report & EKR Detail Software
    • Cataract Software Package
    • Refractive Software Package
    • Contact Lens Fitting Software
    • Pentacam Nucleus Staging (PNS) Software and 3D Densitometry
    • DICOM Interface
  • Interface: USB, DICOM compatible
  • Display: Various topographic displays, such like axial (sagittal) anterior & posterior, local (tangential) anterior & posterior, refractive power (snells law), KPD, EKR, True Net Power, anterior and posterior elevation (different reference bodies such like e.g. BFS etc) anterior & posterior; various pachymetry displays, relative and absolute pachymetry; anterior chamber depth map; lens density map; CL distance map (fluo simulation); several difference and compare displays for all available maps, Holladay Report, Holladay EKR Detail Report, Pachymetric, Refractive, Topometric, Zernike Analysis (corneal wavefront), Belin/Ambrosio Enhanced Ectasia, Contact Lens fitting, pIOL fitting, Virtual Eye, several large color maps, several 4 map composite displays.
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  • Features:
    • Dual Scheimpflug Imaging
    • Merging of Placido and Scheimpflug Data
    • Near/Far adjustable Fixation Target
    • Eye Motion Correction
  • Interface: System PC, flat screen, and instrument table
  • Display: Flat screen monitor
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