Functional Vision Analyzer™ from Stereo Optical Company, Inc.


New standards for contrast sensitivity combined with the ability to demonstrate functional vision by way of image processing provide greater insight to patients’ vision. Stereo Optical's Functional Vision Analyzer™ with EyeView® software is the only system available today meeting ANSI standards for functional vision analysis.

Combined with leading-edge EyeView® software, the Functional Vision Analyzer™ puts the power of functional vision analysis at your fingertips. Functional vision testing is not only the best way to understand each patient's real-world vision capabilities, it's a powerful way to clarify and validate a proposed treatment plan.

  • Detailed Specifications
  • ItemFunctional Vision Analyzer™
  • CompanyStereo Optical Company, Inc.
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  • Features
    • Quantify patient's functional vision scores
    • Microprocessor-controlled self-calibration at 20 cycles per second maintains testing standards and delivers consistent data.
    • Includes a notification feature should environmental controls exceed acceptable standards.
    • Practitioner options to simulate various environmental factors, including day/night with and without glare
    • Demonstrate visual images of non-corrected and corrected vision to patients
  • ApprovalUS FDA
  • TypeDigital