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Pictor Digital Imaging Device

Volk Optical, Inc.

  • Features:
    • Maximum Portability - Lightweight and portable, Pictor is easily used between rooms and outside the office to examine convalescing patients and for geriatric or pediatric care.
    • Simple Integration - Pictor is easily adopted into daily examination routines, connecting to any patient database system for fluent image data storage and sharing.
    • Improved Patient Care - Digital still and video images created with Pictor provide accurate first diagnosis and planning for consistent follow up treatment.
    • Modular - Two key ophthalmic attachments provide simple way to switch between posterior and anterior imaging.
  • Type: Inquire
  • Compatibility: Inquire
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  • Features:
    Pictor Pictor Plus
    Images both retina and anterior segments

    Fits in a small briefcase and weighs just 1lb.

    Non-mydriatic retinal imaging
    Pupils as small as 3mm

    Anterior imaging
    White or blue (fluoroscein) LED lighting

    More than 1,000 high resolution jpg images on SD card

    Simple integration
    Images upload to PC via USB connection

    Improved image resolution
    Meets ISO fundus camera requirements

    Auto focus assist
    Senses optimal retinal view and automatically takes the image

    9 fixation targets
    For a variety of retinal images

    Patient ID entry via keypad
    Facilitates patient records/folders

    Additional Wi-Fi PC connectivity
    Enhances portable capabilities

    Improved glare free anterior segment imaging

  • Type:

    Retinal Module

    • Reflection free imaging with 10 illumination levels
    • Up to 45° field of view
    • Produces color and red free images for contrast
    • Automatic and manual focusing
    • Diopter compensation -20D to +20D
    • Slit lamp mount adapts Pictor to any slit lamp

    Anterior Module

    • White and blue LED light for standard and fluorescent imaging
    • Auto and manual focusing
    • 6x digital zoom
  • Compatibility: Inquire
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idoc Digital Imaging System
  • Features: Inquire
  • Type: Inquire
  • Compatibility: Marco G-model Ultra Slit Lamp
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  • Features: Camera
    • All digital USB-2-camera with 2 megapixel resolution
    • High resolution optimized optics

    Beam splitter

    • Compact size increases slit lamp length minimally
    • Prism can be moved in and out of the beam path of the slit lamp:
      • Out: no optical impairment
      • In: maximum light for taking pictures
    • Adjustable aperture for greater depth of field:
      • bright image taking situation – small aperture, more depth of field for sclera and overview in anterior segment
      • dark image taking situation – large aperture, lower depth of field for fundus and fluo images, but more light for the camera


    • Patient data management program
    • Live image shown on monitor
    • Single image or video sequence
    • Single image mode for detailed images and four image mode for comparison
    • Loupe function
    • Comment field for notes
    • Image optimization possible (color, brightness, contrast,…)
    • Storage of selected images on hard disk
    • Printout of selected images
    • Image release by mouse click or footswitch
  • Type: Inquire
  • Compatibility: Inquire
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Riester ri-screen Multifunctional Digital Camera System
  • Features:
    • Reflection-free imaging
    • Image targeting and capturing using infrared or white LEDs
    • It is not necessary to dilate pupils
    • White and infrared LEDs for image targeting and capturing
  • Type: Digital, Medical Camera
  • Compatibility: Inquire
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  • Features:
    • The DC-3 offers an improved 8 megapixels of resolution for clear, crisp images and the highest quality digital documentation.
    • The DC-3 can be easily mounted into the optical path of any "D” Series Topcon Slit Lamp. Internal cabling and connections create a neat, uncluttered look while the omni-directional joystick with incorporated flash activation frees the operator’s other hand for easy patient positioning.
    • All settings on the DC-3, including ISO sensitivity and image size, etc., are software driven, making image capture and manipulation extremely fast and easy. There are no controls on the camera body itself, thereby creating a clean, modern appearance.
    • In addition to still images, the DC-3 can capture dynamic video images that are useful in contact lens fitting, fluorescein staining and other diagnostic procedures.
  • Type: Inquire
  • Compatibility: SL-D Series Slit Lamps
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  • Features:
    • Wide Variety of Image Capture Options
    • Freeze Only, Display on Screen
    • Freeze, Display on Screen and Save
    • Blue Free Filter
    • Video Recording
    • Joystick Trigger for Still Images
    • Dual Footswitch for Still Image Capture or Video
    • High Resolution Video Recording
    • Capture Images In Several Formats
    • Kowa "Skip Back" Image Capture Technology
    • Freeze and Select From the Images in History
    • Adapts to Most Other Slit Lamp Makers, Call for Availability
  • Type: Inquire
  • Compatibility: Adapts to most other slit lamp makers, call for availability.
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Woodlyn HD Digital Slit Lamp Camera
  • Features: Inquire
  • Type: Inquire
  • Compatibility: Inquire
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BD CM 900&reg; Slit Lamp Digital Imaging
  • Features:
    • Designed for the BP 900® and the BD 900® Slit Lamp
    • "History Trigger" to rewind time and freeze the moment
    • Tremendous control of exposure
    • Still imaging, plus high-resolution video.
    • Freeze Technology – high-speed capture and data transfer
    • Wide dynamic range, high-sensitivity
  • Type: Camera Module
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