Going to AAO? Don't miss out on these spots

Going to AAO? Don't miss out on these spots
The Annual AAO meeting will be held this October in Chicago. While Chicago is well located within the US for all ophthalmologists to visit, and the convention center is well constructed for this type of meeting, there are many things outside of the convention center that visitors should try to visit. Some of these suggestions are not necessarily listed in most visitor guides, but these should not be missed.

My first recommendation appropriately is Chicago Greeter (www.chicagogreeter.com). Local volunteers who want to share their enthusiasm for the city area available by reservation up to ten days in advance. At no charge to you, they can help you get the most out of your time in this city.

Pulling out a map and walking the streets of Chicago is a great way to explore the city, but for those desiring something different there are multiple Segway tours available, including City Segway Tours Chicago and Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours. If you desire more exercise, Bobby’s Bike Hike has been consistently ranked among the best in Chicago.

Upscale restaurants abound in this large city, but for something different try Chicago Food Planet tours (www.chicagofoodplanet.com). Over a three hour tour, you’ll survey many different cuisines unique to either the Lincoln park or Wicker park areas.

Kingston Mines (www.kingstonmines.com) has the reputation of the best blues club in Chicago. With two stages, musicians may take a break on one while the others begin, allowing for a continuous music experience.

Something different
The Newberry Library (www.newberry.org) is a pleasant and studious place to spend the day. This institution houses a variety of old manuscripts, maps, and genealogy records, and in addition, topic-specific lectures and exhibitions are frequently hosted at the Newberry. Of note, the reading rooms and exhibitions hosted at the Newberry are always free and open to the public.

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