The Myths Surrounding Latisse: Will It Turn My Blue Eyes Brown?

The Myths Surrounding Latisse:  Will It Turn My Blue Eyes Brown?
As promised, this is the second part to my article last month about Latisse. I love this subject because I think it is SO important to demystify the buzz that is going around and preventing people from using this fantastic product.

Let's first talk about the side effect profile of this product. Redness, itching and irritation are possible. Hyperpigmentation of the periocular skin is also possible. Hair growth in unwanted areas is another reported side effect. Trust me when I say that no one is going to walk into your office after being on Latisse looking like Wolfman Jack. Perhaps some very fine, unnoticeable vellous hairs will grow on the upper cheek if excess solution drips down. All of the above-mentioned side effects occur in less than 4% of users and all of the above-mentioned side effects are completely reversible. If the patient stops the product, the side effect will go away.

The most dreaded complication and the reason why so many people are afraid to use Latisse is the chance of iris hyperpigmentation. This is an irreversible complication that has been seen in 1-2% of glaucoma patients who use bimatoprost on the surface of their eyes, but has NOT been seen in any of the nearly 300 patients in the initial clinical trials. The reason why Latisse patients who use the product as directed are at such low (or no) risk of this side effect is because the application of Latisse is much different than the application of Lumigan. Latisse is applied with a small angled brush to the base of the lashes. This method of delivery only exposes the eye to approximately 5% of the drug as compared to the delivery process of a topical drop to the ocular surface. It is usually the case that the blue-eyed patients are the most worried. In actuality, they are the ones at least risk. Bimatoprost increases the amount of melanin in the melanosomes and blue eye patients have few melanosomes. It is the hazel and green-eyed patients who are at greatest risk. That being said, I will reiterate that this side effect has never been seen and documented in any Latisse user. If used as directed, this will not happen.

Latisse is a very safe and 100% effective solution. If used correctly, it will absolutely double the thickness of lashes, make them darker and 25% longer in 4 months.

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