Femto-Phaco Lasers / Femtosecond laser for Cataract Surgery

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  • Description: The LensAR Laser System integrates an advanced laser with proprietary 3D ocular measurement technology designed to deliver laser capsulotomies, lens fragmentation, limbal relaxing incisions and unique corneal incisions – all with laser precision – all in a single procedure. The LensAR System has already received 510(k) clearance from the FDA for anterior capsulotomy during cataract surgery. Clinical data supporting this clearance demonstrated that laser capsulotomies using the LensAR Laser System were significantly more precise than manual capsulorhexis in the intended vs. achieved diameter and also more regular and circular.

    In addition to applications in cataract surgery, we are conducting initial clinical trials to restore accommodation in presbyopes.

    The LensAR Laser System is cleared by the FDA for anterior capsulotomy. For other indications, it is an investigational device limited by US law to investigational use only.

  • Approval: Cleared by FDA for anterior capsulotomy on May 17, 2010
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  • Description: As The World Leader in Laser Cataract Surgery, LenSx® introduces breakthrough femtosecond technology with the discipline and passion necessary for success.

    The LenSx system represents a culmination of extensive, research and intense development. Our fully integrated, image-guided femtosecond laser platform enables surgeons to perform the key steps of cataract surgery with efficiency and precision. The LenSx Laser is a customizable, 3-D surgical platform that performs anterior capsulotomy, corneal incisions and lens fragmentation in a single step, delivering unmatched reproducibility and predictability.

    With LenSx, cataract surgeons have unparalleled control and flexibility, allowing them to minimize risks and optimize postoperative visual outcomes.

  • Approval: FDA 501(k)
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