VR Ophthalmosurgical Training

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EYESI® Ophthalmosurgical Simulator
  • Features: Basic Training Module 1

    Navigation (needle*): Training of precise navigation with surgical instruments viewed under the stereo microscope.

    Object manipulation (tweezers*): Using tweezers to manipulate solid objects in the vitreous body and to remove objects from the vitreous body.

    Vitrectomy (vitrectomy unit*): Learning how to use the vitrectomy unit correctly and how to regulate the cutting speed and flow or suction. * Every chapter also includes simulation of the surgery lamp.

    Membrane Simulation Module
    Simulation equipment included in the module:

    • Various intraocular membranes need to be removed.
    • The vitrectomy unit and a variety of light sources, tweezers, hooks and scissors are available.
    • Vitrectomy unit, configurable for flow or vacuum control
    • Monitoring and display of retina and lens injuries
    • Microscope control by pedal, configurable pedal for control of equipment and instruments
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Select up to 5 products from above to compare or request more information.


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