AmbioDisk™ Amniotic Membrane (Ambio2® 15 mm. disk) from IOP Ophthalmics


AmbioDisk is our 4th generation amniotic membrane (AM) technology - a sutureless, overlay AM disk for the office-based or surgical treatment of the ocular surface.

The 15 mm. AmbioDisk configuration is available in both the Ambiodry2 (35 microns nominal thickness) and Ambio5 (100 microns nominal thickness) technologies.

  • Detailed Specifications
  • ItemAmbioDisk™ Amniotic Membrane (Ambio2® 15 mm. disk)
  • CompanyIOP Ophthalmics
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  • FeaturesConventional Uses
    • Non-Healing Epithelial Defects
    • Neurotrophic Ulcerations
    • Corneal Erosions
    • Acute Chemical/Thermal Burns
    • Post-Infectious Keratitis (herpetic, vernal, bacterial)
    Viable and Biostructurally Intact
    • The scientifically-based AmbioDry2™ process removes bioburden and potential virulency, but retains the devitalized, cellular components.
    • Photomicrograph shows intact epithelial and fibroblast cell components – with dense extracellular matrix.
    Ambiodry2™ Amniotic Membrane Allografts
    • Each allograft is cleaned, dehydrated and sterilized based upon strict, quality-controlled protocols.
    • In its dry state, AmbioDry2™ allografts are translucent, lightweight and thin.
    • Nominal thickness: 40 microns.
  • Product NumberAD-5150 (15 mm. disk, 35 microns nominal thickness)
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