BD Visitec™ Micro Tip Cannulas: Subretinal Cannula [Lambert] from Beaver-Visitec International

  • Detailed Specifications
  • ItemBD Visitec™ Micro Tip Cannulas: Subretinal Cannula [Lambert]
  • CompanyBeaver-Visitec International
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  • ApprovalWorldwide
  • TypeMicro Tip Cannula
  • Product Number585221
  • Dimension.90mm x 29.0mm (20 G x 1 5/32 in) Cannula with .23 x 7.0mm (32G x 5/16 in) tip extension
  • Gauge.90mm (20 G) cannula with.23mm (32 G) tip extension
  • TipBlunt, Curved
  • Product DescriptionBlunt tip reduces risk of trauma to surrounding tissue. Gentle curve facilitates less traumatic removal from eye. Increased length ideal for myopic eyes.
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